Beautiful lakes of the world

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Beautiful lakes of the world

Dear friends and readers
I chose – for you – pictures of exceptional beauty: the beauty of the Lakes, the beauty of surfaces, shapes, colors and especially romantic beauty.

32131201283_b0c3a0a54d_zAuthor: digitaltrails. (Some rights reserved)

Lake Marian is an alpine lake at the southern end of the Darran Mountains in the Fiordland National Park in the South Island of New Zealand

15533638085_c5beb8e07e_zAuthor: Leonard Lin . Source: (Some rights reserved)

Crater Lake National Park is an American national park (Oregon, United States), characterized by the Crater Lake, 592 m deep

800px-12Cenote_DzitnupAuthor: Laslovarga . Source:

Yucatan Cave Lake, Mexico

this cenote is underground with a hole in the ceiling

4776919134_5fa9ae653d_zAuthor: raz1940 et Charlotte. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Lake Retaud (alt 1685 m) in the Vaud Alps, Switzerland

Mirror_Lake_JiuzhaigouAuthor: Culantor Lin . Source:

Mirror Lake, Jiuzhaigou, China

new-zealand-679068_960_720Author: cowins . Source:

Lake in the Mountains of New Zealand

14422409238_bcc1ab4f17_zAuthor: Conrad Kuiper. (Some rights reserved)

Arrowhead Lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario (Canada)

landscape-540122_960_720Author: FrankWinkler . Source: Source:

Lake in the Mountains of Scotland, Great Britain

33132184655_e0887997c9_zAuthor: Martin. (Some rights reserved)

Volcano Taal is a volcano of the Philippines located in the south of the island of Luçon, about sixty kilometers south of Manila.
There is a crater, filled with a lake, which has an island.

Stitched PanoramaAuthor: . Source:

Plitvice Lakes National park, Croatia


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