A MASTERPIECE, IN THE HISTORY OF PAINTING: ” Soluppgång över landskap med vatten “


Soluppgång över landskap med vatten

Soluppgång över landskap med vatten– ” Sunrise over landscape with water” (2008 ?) – Anna Gardell-Ericson

watercolor on paper 35 x 50 cm (13,7 x 19,6 inches)

Photo Author: Stockholms Auktionsverk . Source: flickr.com

Source: commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki

Anna Gardell-Ericson :

, was a Swedish artist; Born Gardell October 10, 1853 in Visby Township, Gotland County. died June 2, 1939 in the Engelbrecht parish, Stockholm …

She was the daughter of compatriot John Gardell and Emma Nyberg and from 1882 married Johan Ericson.

Gardell-Ericson started painting very early already when she was sixteen, she was sent to Switzerland to study art. She later trained for Per Daniel Holm at the Art Academy in Stockholm 1872-1888 and she participated in the academy’s exhibitions in 1875 and 1877. At the centennial exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876 she was awarded a bronze medal. She continued her studies for Alexandre-Louis Leloiroch Ferdinand Heilbuth in Paris in 1879. In France, she studied extensively the great French predecessors and made watercolor copies after Camille Corot and Charles-François Daubigny’s paintings. She participated in the Paris Salon in 1882 where she achieved great success with her small landscape watercolors, which resulted in a contract of 1000 francs a month for the supply of watercolors to the art company Goupil in Paris. She participated in the Foreign Exhibition in Boston in 1883 where she was awarded an exhibition medal. She also became a member of the English Dudley Gallery Art Society……..wikipedia

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