The beauty of world architecture

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The beauty of world architecture

I have chosen fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent the modern trends of architecture in the world.
I hope you like them



Kijk Kubus, Water-stad, Rotterdam, Netherlands

1st photo, Author: Sjaak Kempe. Source:

2nd photo, Author: djedj . Source:



Kunsthaus Wien, Wien-Mitte, Vienna, Austria

Author: Mark Turner . Source:



The Dancing House, Prague,  Czech Republic

1st photo, Author:  Pierre Guezingar. Source:

2nd photo, Author: Dino Quinzani  . Source:



Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

Author:  John Zacherle  . Source:



Casino Lisboa, Macau, China

1st photo, Author:  Николай Максимович . Source:

2nd photo, User: Vmenkov . Source:


Aitor Agirregabiria de la Sen

The bodega Marques de Riscal, Elciego, Spain

1st photo, Source:

2nd photo, Author : Aitor Aguirregabiria. Source:

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  1. I have probably mentioned my love of architecture before, but honestly, these are unique and yet quite beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog too, I appreciate it. I lost you and many others and I am delighted to have found you again.

  2. Fantastic! I especially like that the overwhelming visual display in that Spanish building is in a town whose name translates as “the blind man.” Perhaps some critics might think it was designed by a blind man 🙂 I like it though. I’m re-posting.

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