One of the beautiful small towns of the world: COCHEM

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COCHEM – Germany

One of the beautiful small towns of the world


Sehl (on the river Moselle) is a part of the town of Cochem

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Cochem is the capital of the Cochem-Zell district (Landkreis) of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
The town is located in a remarkable site, characterized by a castle which crowns a hillock planted with vines at the edge of the Moselle.
Population: 4,940 inhabitants (December 31, 2009) []


Cochem Castle in the Moselle Valley

The castle was probably built around the year 1000 by Count Palatine Ezzo. Mention was made March 17, 1130 in a document.

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Along the Mosel River in Cochem, The Reichsburg is in the background.


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Germany Wine Cochem Mosel Sachsen Vineyards

Reichsburg Cochem Cochem Architecture Mosel

Fortress Towers Castle Wall Mosel Architecture

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One of the inner courts of Reichsburg Cochem (Imperial Castle, Cochem)

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Cochem, in the foreground the Skagerrak Bridge over the Moselle

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Cochem station

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Cochem – Market Square with City Hall and Martinsbrunnen

The town hall dates from 1739. Behind it is the tower of the parish church of St. Martin.


Saint Martin is the patron saint of the city of Cochem.



Reichsburg Cochem

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