Artistic works of the sunset

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Artistic works of the sunset


Sunset on the Coast – between 1865 and 1866- By Albert Bierstadt  (1830–1902)

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800px-Bamburg_Castle_Acrylic_Canvas_Art_PaintingNorthumberland Coastal Scene- 2007 By Pete Rumney

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Coastal Strip At Sunset- By Edgar Degas (1834 – 1917)

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Sunset – By Martin Johnson Heade  (1819–1904)


Red Sunset on the Dnieper

Red Sunset on the Dnieper –

By Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (Mariupol 1842–1910 St. Petersburg)

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Cotopaxi (the highest active volcano in the world, in the Andes in central Ecuador,  5,896 m)1862 – By Frederic Edwin Church

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Title image : Landscape with Sunset- 1874- by Louis Douzette

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  1. Ah…my favorite, sunsets! Each one elicits a different mood. I like the center one of Rumney, and the lighter Degas! Thank you, Ahmed! 📚🎶 Christine

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