Vancouver Sculptures

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Vancouver Sculptures

(BC. Canada)


« Man in the street » in Queen Elizabeth ParkBy John Seward Johnson Jr.

Author: Ted McGrath . Source:

Art Vancouver Statue Car Collection Totem Cars

Totem Cars



Carvings near the foot of the Grouse Grind



Public art made out of steel

Author: Andrew Raun  . Source:


« The Pioneer Mother » In Esther Short Park (1929) – By Avard Fairbanks

Author: Joe Mabel   . Source:


Captain George Vancouver Statue, King’s Lynn – Norfolk (1757-1798) 

Author: Jim Linwood  . Source:

Statues in Vancouver

Author: splitlip-ca  . Source:

Title photo:

Bronze « A-maze-ing Laughter » sculptures by Yue Minjun

Author: Ted McGrath . Source:


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  1. Having lived in Vancouver, some of these surprise me. I’ve only seen George Vancouver. I toured every inch of Vancouver when I lived there, so this is rather cool, so thank you so much 🙂

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