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Art and beauty image, for you

The most beautiful castles:


800px-Festung_HohenwerfenAuthor: Memorator  . Source:

Hohenwerfen Castle is an Austrian medieval castle located in Werfen in the Salzach Valley, about 40 km south of Salzburg. The castle is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the Tennen Massif.                                                                [ Wikipedia ]

6805275339_ed10c9a925_bAuthor: Fellowship of the Rich. Source:

800px-Werfen_-_Burg_Hohenwerfen_(1)Author: Bwag . Source:

The old fortification was built between 1075 and 1078 during the Investiture Quarrel by order of Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg as a strategic bulwark, at the top of a rock 155 meters high. Gebhard, an ally of Pope Gregory VII and the antiroi Rudolph of Rheinfelden, had three large castles extended to protect the archdiocese of Salzburg against the forces of King Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire.         [ Wikipedia ]

Hohenwerfen-mw01Author: Maria Wallner . Source:

Hohenwerfen_gardensAuthor: BandittenJacob . Source:

The Archduke Eugene of Austria-Teschen becomes owner of the fortress in 1898. In 1931, a fire damages the castle which is sold restored to the administration of Salzburg in 1938. After the Second World War, it was used as training of the Austrian gendarmerie until 1987.

Among ( its) many attractions are a guided tour of its weapons collection, the Salzburg Museum of Historic Falconry and a tavern                                             [ Wikipedia ]

Fürstenzimmer_HohenwerfenPrince’s room in Hohenwerfen Fortress 

Author:Niki.L. Source:

Hohenwerfen_BurghofAuthor:Niki.L. Source:

800px-Werfen_-_Burg_Hohenwerfen_Museum_-_2017_08_22_-_Leonard_Da_Vinci-Ausstellung_5 Burg Hohenwerfen Museum                  Author:Eweht. Source:

Falconry_equipment_(27222665672)Falconry equipment               Author:Thomas Quine. Source:

3067160127_ab35826c85_bAuthor:Abhijeet Rane. Source:


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