Rest 1 day

Rest 1 day

I am pleased to announce that one of my digital works has attracted the attention of Curators of Le Galeriste and has been adapted to a selection of clothing and fashion accessories.
I invite you to take a look now at the cardigan, dress, sweater, cape and other products designed by Le Galeriste from my painting, it’s here:

You will surely find a nice gift for Christmas.
With each purchase you will have a work of artistic value and you encourage the artist. thank you in advance
The shipping is everywhere in the world. It is free for orders of $ 100 or more in Canada and the United States.



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  1. Your work is lovely and so vibrant. My name is Amy and I am the art director for I’d love to see more. I am looking for artists to feature on our top-rated literary publication.
    If interested, Please contact for more info. Thanks, Amy

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