Do you know this place ?

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Do you know this place ?

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Sunset_in_Pärnu_beach_(1)2) Author: Kristian Pikner . Source:

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Pärnu (40,401 inhabitants as of January 1, 2012) is a town on the Baltic Sea coast, at the mouth of the Pärnu River; in southern Estonia. [fr.Wikipedia]

Titles of photos:

1)..Pärnu beach

2).. Sunset in Pärnu beach

3)..Pärnu from the air

4)..Pärnu river

5)..Pärnu from the air

6)..Pärnu beach

7)..Pärnu from the air

8)..Monument “Ajahetk” in front of a school in Pärnu

9)..Jannsen skulpture in Pärnu

10)..Pärnu old town

11)..Gustav Faberge monument in front of Pärnu Museum

12)..Vana-Pärnu linnuvaatlustorn
Photo of the title: Author: Silver Gutmann.Source:

100 year old night in Pärnu Vallikäär (Pärnu County present to Estonia 100th birthday)

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