Beautiful ski slopes in AUSTRIA

Beautiful ski slopes in AUSTRIA

My dear friends from Europe

In the middle of the cold season (north of the earth), I searched for you, photos and informations on the most beautiful ski slopes of a charming country in the center of Europe (Austria).
I hope that you will like them and that you will find pleasure:

Saint Johann in Tirol :



The St. Johann in Tirol ski area (43 km of extensive slopes) benefits from extremely favorable weather conditions and an abundance of snowfall in winter; This makes it one of the most beautiful plateaux of cross-country ski trails in Europe.
  The center of St. Johann is at an altitude of 660 m above the sea, the highest point is the “Maukspitze” with an altitude of 2231 m
In the city you can immerse yourself in the Tyrolean culture at the local museum, visit the Baroque churches or indulge in some relaxation in the spaworld of St. Johanner.



Author (for 4 photos): pink fuzzy rat . Source: flickr


Source (for 2 photos):

Montafon is an intra-alpine valley located in the Vorarlberg region; It is characterized by high mountains, spectacular panoramic views, heady descents, five separate ski areas, 60 modern ski lifts and cable cars and 234 km of perfectly prepared pistes.
  The Montafon Valley includes eleven tourist spots, which have around 1,300 accommodation establishments (20,000 beds) surrounded by mountains that rise to 3,312 m.



Source (2 photos):

Hochkönig :


Author: Mario Sormann . Source: flickr


Source :

Hochkönig is a summit of the Alps, at 2,941 m above sea level, the highest point in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The slopes of Hochkönig offer magnificent views of the mountains, forests, glaciers and valleys. For skiing, Hochkönig offers 33 lifts and more than 120 km of almost exclusively easy and intermediate slopes, making it a perfect place for beginners and families. Snowboarders and cross-country skiers have their space especially in Maria Alm and Saalfelden.


Author: Harald Hofer . Source : commons.wikimedia


Author: Thomas Fabian . Source: flickr

Title photo: Mühlbach am Hochkönig (Panoramic)

Author : Fellowship of the Rich  . Source: flickr


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