REUNION: The most beautiful island in the Indian Ocean

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REUNION: The most beautiful island in the Indian Ocean


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Reunion – in the Indian Ocean – is a volcanic island in the southern hemisphere, it is a French overseas department. Its area is 2,512 km2; Its mountainous reliefs culminate in Le Piton des Neiges (at 3,070.50 meters above sea level), which is also the highest point in the Indian Ocean.


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Reunion was only inhabited from the middle of the 17th century, it became a stopover for the French East India Company on the route to the Indies, then, from 1710, a veritable French colony (Célebre par la culture du coffee and sugar cane). The island became a French department in 1946, and since 2003 has been the most integrated overseas territorial authority in the Republic.


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The population of Reunion is 850,000 inhabitants (2015); The main city (chief town) is Saint-Denis (144,642 inhabitants). The first economic sector of the island is today tourism.


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Saint Denis


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The town hall of Saint Denis

In Reunion the climate is tropical humid type tempered by the oceanic influence. It is characterized by
his two seasons:
Fresh season (from January to March): with a temperature between 17 ° and 28 °; The majority of the year’s rainfall falls in this season,
Hot and dry season (May to November): with a temperature between 21 ° and 31 °.

Weather today (19/12/2019) in Saint Denis:

27 ° -28 °, A few showers, Wind 20-25 km / h


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Feast of Cafres


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Piton de la Fournaise volcano crater


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