The beautiful architecture of museums

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The beautiful architecture of museums

800px-Graz_Kunsthaus_vom_Schlossberg_20061126Author: Marion Schneider & Christoph Aistleitner . Source : commons.wikimedia

Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

cdmx-1876845_1280Author: mochilazocultural . Source : needpix

The Soumaya Plaza Carso Museum – in Polanco, Mexico

10245018954_c63552a488_bAuthor: Robert James Hughes . Source : flickr

The Ordos Museum in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

5851143406_8014c114ae_hAuthor: Matthew Paulson . Source : flickr

Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

33136837454_484355ad1b_kAuthor: soomness. Source : flickr

The Eye Museumin Amsterdam, Netherland

800px-Guggenheim_museum_Bilbao_HDR-imageAuthor : Phillip Maiwald . Source : fr.m.wikipedia

Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain

6790576247_3ba05aa96f_kAuthor : Rodrigo Soldon . Source : flickr

The Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art, in the Boa Viagem district of the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

9674325453_b40356b3e5_kAuthor : Daniel MacDonald. Source : flickr

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Title photo: Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA

Author: John Picken . Source : commons.wikimedia

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  1. Agreed. The architecture takes on a life of its own. The Lieberskind designed Jewish Museum Berlin had people visiting for two years before the contents were in place.

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