The charm of an isolated country: TAJIKISTAN

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The charm of an isolated country: TAJIKISTAN


9367876908_c0ed7810f0_kAuthor ( 2 photos ) : letsgopens87. Source : flickr

Republic of Tajikistan, is a mountainous country in Central Asia, with no access to the sea.
Capital: Dushanbe

Area: 143 0100 km2

Population: 8,330,000 inhabitants

Currency: Somoni (1 USDollar = 9.69 TJS)

6283050941_abd62103f1_bAuthor: allanv. Source : flickr

8955949196_37caae4cd3_kAuthor: Martine . Source : flickr

Pamir massif

15337307820_80df3b9e16_bAuthor: Mandala Travel. Source : flickr



9365234503_33656793d1_kAuthor ( 3 photos ) : letsgopens87. Source : flickr

15201657322_bc9e728b2c_kAuthor: JM Fumeau. Source : flickr

27458586850_7419201e09_kAuthor: twiga269 ॐ FEMEN. Source : flickr

12774957505_3de7ce7e84_zAuthor: Шухрат Саъдиев. Source : flickr

The city of Dushanbe at the foot of the mountains

Title photo:  You go up, you go up … then you turn around … and that’s it !

Author: Martine . Source : flickr

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