Sculptures not very famous in BUSAN


Sculptures not very famous in BUSAN 

( South East of South Korea )

450px-Korea-Busan-Chungryunam_6310-07Author: Steve46814 . Source : commons.wikimedia

Chungryunam (Blue Lotus Hermitage)

800px-Busan_tower_dragon_085Author: Michiel1972. Source : commons.wikimedia

Busan tower, dragon near entry

21020142261_fa10bb2b6f_kAuthor: Jacques Beaulieu . Source : flickr

Yongdusan Park

15542335084_40e792e445_bAuthor: GothPhil. Source : flickr

Sculpture in the middle of the fountain in front of Busan station

20972845452_05cbd3fc63_kAuthor: Jacques Beaulieu . Source : flickr

Haeundae Beach

450px-Korea-Busan-Chungryunam_6341-07Author: Steve46814 . Source : commons.wikimedia

Jang_Yeong-sil_Science_Garden-Sun_and_Star_Time_Forecaster_13-11802_Busan,_South_KoreaAuthor: Steve46814 . Source : commons.wikimedia

Jang Yeong-sil Science Garden in Busan commemorates the achievements of one of the greatest scientists of Joseon. The Sun and Star Time Forecaster is designed to measure the time of day and night based of the fact that all stars rotate around the North Star.

11000360454_82770aa935_kAuthor: Chris Yunker. Source : flickr

Temple, Beomeosa

5402088669_f85b50cefa_bAuthor: InSapphoWeTrust. Source : flickr

United Nations Memorial Cemetery

This Canadian soldier befriending two Korean war orphans is the official Canadian memorial at the United Nations Cemetery in Busan.


Title photo: “Moktak (목탁)” richly carved, that Buddhist monks use rituals (1969)

Author: Steve46814 . Source : commons.wikimedia

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