Beautiful ski slopes in Russia


Beautiful ski slopes in Russia

In the middle of the cold season (north of the earth), I was looking for you, the pictures of the most beautiful ski slopes in the great country of Russia.
I hope that you will like them and that you will find pleasure:

1) Rosa Khutor :

Rosa Khutor is a station in the Krasnodar Territory, 1695 km from Moscow. It receives tourists from December to April, for skiing and snowboarding, while in summer, they climb the mountains to an altitude of 2320 meters.

RosaSki3Author: Sergei Kazantsev . Source : commons.wikimedia

RosaKhutor2014Author: Sergei Kazantsev . Source : he.m.wikipedia

800px-Rosa_KhutorAuthor: Sergei Kazantsev . Source : en.wikipedia

Rosa_Khutor_Alpine_Resort_(1)_(14642378451)Author: american_rugbier. Source : commons.wikimedia

2) Dombai :

Dombay is a ski resort at the confluence of three rivers, in the Karachayevo-Cherkess Republic (in the Greater Caucasus) of Russia. The station offers ten tracks of varying difficulty between altitudes 1,650 and 3,012 meters.

800px-Dombai_3760_Gornolyzhnie_TrassyAuthor: Rdfr . Source : fr.m.wikipedia

Dombay,_2008_годAuthor : w:ru:Sestra Pushkin . Source : ru.wikipedia

800px-Dombay_in_the_Caucasus,_RussiaAuthor: Peter Shmelev. Source : fr.m.wikipedia

3) Mount Cheget :

Mont Cheget, is a station which is located in the south of the region of Elbrus (in Kabardino-Balkaria in the mountain range of the Caucasus). The resort – under the 3650-meter mountain) welcomes skiers from November to May. It has a reputation for ultra-extreme skiing: tilting at 45 degrees, the slopes are here closed to snowcats, with a breathtaking view of the highest mountain in Russia, Elbrus (5642 meters).

Mount_ChegetAuthor: Мартышка . Source : commons.wikimedia

man-landscape-mountain-snow-winter-hiking-1068743-pxhere.comSource : pxhere

Cheget1User:Мартышка. Source : commons.wikimedia

Title photo:   Вид с горы Чегет  (View from Mount Cheget)

Author: Olgabogomolova88  . Source : commons.wikimedia



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