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I was looking for you, my friends and readers, pictures of the most beautiful castles in the world

Predjama CastleAuthor: Lorenzo Magnis . Source :flickr

Predjama Castle, 9 km from Postojna, Slovenia. is one of the most spectacular castles in Europe, with its invincible fortification: The castle was built, from the year 1202, in the gaping mouth of a karst cave halfway up a cliff of 123 meters, by the Patriarchs of Aquileia in the Gothic style, but most of its current constructions date from the 16th century.
The castle still keeps its mysteries: Holes in the ceiling of the entrance tower, for pouring boiling oil on intruders, a very humid keep, a 16th century chest full of treasures (unearthed in the cellar in 1991 ) and an eye-like hiding place at the top called Erazem’s Nook

8876402244_c455be303a_kAuthor:KLMircea. Source :flickr

35577844390_c5af911d0f_kAuthor: Alex Berger. Source :flickr

8875785751_928c20fad9_kAuthor:KLMircea. Source :flickr

coast-europe-castle-travelSource : piqsels

Predjama_Castle_-_roomAuthor:Tiia Monto . Source : commons.wikimedia

The castle was made famous by the knight Erasmus Lüger
who was a 15th century thief-baron. During the wars between the Hungarian king Mathias Corvin I and the Austrian emperor Frederick III, Erazem supported the first. He buried himself in the castle of Predjama and continued his daring actions with the help of a secret passage which led behind the rock wall. In 1484 the Austrian army besieged the castle after Erasmus killed a close friend of the emperor, but it proved to be impregnable. Erazem made fun of his attackers, even sprinkling them with fresh cherries to prove his comfortable situation. But the Austrians finally hit him with a cannon ball while he was sitting on the toilet.


Predjama_Castle_(1508985503)Author: inyucho from Holland . Source : commons.wikimedia

Predjama_Castle_-_Knights'_Hall_2Author:Tiia Monto . Source : commons.wikimedia

Knights’ Hall

800px-Predjama_castle_caveAuthor:Rilegator . Source : commons.wikimedia

Cave mouth behind Predjama castle





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuthor ( 3 photos ) : Shadowgate. Source : flickr


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