Do you know this place ?

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Do you know this place ?

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seychelles-1414983_1920Author: SCAPIN . Source : pixabay

800px-Port-victoria_SeychellesAuthor: Clipper   . Source : fr.m.wikipedia

29862881848_e3439f2738_kAuthor:Harry and Rowena Kennedy. Source : flickr

Victoria SunriseAuthor: Andrew Moore. Source : flickr

659px-BigBenVictoriaSeychelles Source : fr.m.wikipedia

11090139976_912a00c15a_cAuthor:David Stanley. Source : flickr

Beau Vallon, Mahe, SeychellesVendors and produce, Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria, SeychelAuthor(2 photos):So Seychelles. Source : .flickr

temple-4196314_1920Author: photosforyou . Source : pixabay

23757158436_c70aa25dd6_kAuthor:flowcomm . Source : flickr

Il_mercato_di_Port_Victoria_-_panoramioAuthor: patano . Source : commons.wikimedia

Title photo: Author: Andrew Moore. Source : flickr

The answer:


Victoria (27,000 inhabitants), on the island of Mahé, is the capital of the Republic of Seychelles (archipelago – of 115 islands – located in the Indian Ocean).

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