The charming and varied architecture of Bangkok

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The charming and varied architecture of Bangkok (Thailand)

I chose fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent modern trends in architecture around the world.
I hope you like them

11730689504_ce4f9b7bb9_kAuthor: Adam Jones. Source : flickr

Royal Palace

44766825372_e414df9e40_cAuthor: Roberto Trombetta. Source : flickr

29826652651_869f3b219f_kAuthor: Sheila Dee. Source : flickr

MahaNakhon Tower

32601835107_a9b092353c_kAuthor:Anthony Surace . Source : flickr

2176783898_f435972b3d_bAuthor: Samuel Quinn Slack. Source : flickr

33142024281_159ba74495_kAuthor: Ninara. Source : flickr

688px-Tonson_Masjid_มัสยิดต้นสน_กรุงเทพฯ_10Author:Chainwit.   Source : commons.wikimedia

Tonson Mosque


11707306836_808ac3ae78_kAuthor ( 2 photos ): Adam Jones. Source : flickr

14807930202_2d1aafb09a_kAuthor: Antonio Vianello. Source : flickr

Title photo: Author:Tore Bustad. Source: flickr

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