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8293238248_c2963ebcae_kAuthor:Mark Pegrum  . Source : flickr

State History Museum

8292190637_19a8f2a190_kAuthor: Mark Pegrum  . Source : flickr

8293210088_f927ecffd9_kAuthor: Mark Pegrum  . Source : flickr

33178265573_86c8a2202c_kAuthor: Коля Саныч . Source : flickr

24729479837_b3bc5522ee_kAuthor: Dmitry Djouce. Source : flickr

31441311361_f217d040bb_bAuthor: Andrey x. Source : flickr

13975530127_b36b7d6112_bAuthor: Aleksander Markin. Александр Маркин . Source : flickr

Author: Eugene Yurevich . Source : flickr

29071133978_913d7a3b87_kAuthor: Mariano Mantel. Source : flickr

27754747155_efd7c9622d_bAuthor: Andrey x. Source : flickr

Title photoAuthor: Mark Pegrum  . Source : flickr

You like the abstract creations of the artist Alozade and you want to encourage it.
it’s easy:102k_d 1


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9 Comments on “MOSCOW AT NIGHT

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  2. Lovely picture( but I think just my opinion mascow university building missing ) 🙂🙂🙃🙏🙏

  3. Bestimmt eine betörende und faszinierende Stadt – wenn die Politik nur nicht wäre!

    G. l. G. Jochen

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