Dear friends, do you know this place ?

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Do you know this place ?

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23968944555_6b614e32e8_hAuthor: Hans Porochelt. Source : flickr

Sofia-vitosha-kempinskiAuthor: podoboq . Source : commons.wikimedia

65184497_6e28df9f61_kAuthor:Panoramas . Source : flickr

23997858848_5f69295b16_kAuthor: Deensel. Source : flickr

65177972_6c88c61e51_kAuthor: Panoramas. Source : flickr

9234732818_4a44dc2fbc_hAuthor:Jeanne Menjoulet  . Source : flickr

800px-Downtown_Sofia_Boby_Dimitrov_1Author: Boby Dimitrov . Source : commons.wikimedia

23767223816_dc4db8da96_hAuthor:Hans Porochelt  . Source : flickr

Sofia_bulgarieAuthor: Tulazeph. Source : fr.wikipedia

SONY DSCAuthor: Bordelais. Source : flickr

The answer:


Capital of Bulgaria

Title photo:  Author:Hans Porochelt. Source : flickr

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