MADEIRA: The most beautiful Portuguese island not far from Africa

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MADEIRA: The most beautiful Portuguese island not far from Africa

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Madeira is an archipelago and autonomous region, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 973 km from Lisbon and 640 km from Morocco; Its capital Funchal; Its population 260,000 inhabitants.

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  The island of Madeira is of volcanic origin, despite this, the island is very green because its last volcanic eruption was over 6,000 years ago.
Madeira takes advantage, touristically, of its subtropical oceanic climate, very mild all year round, with average temperatures varying between 17 ° C in winter and 22 ° C in summer.

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8 réflexions sur “MADEIRA: The most beautiful Portuguese island not far from Africa

  1. Madeira a beautiful Island went on holiday there many years ago. Then the airport was one of the most dangerous for landing and take off. The passangers on the flight I was on were very much shaken after landing so much so they were lighting cigarettes on the stairs going down. I suffered a back injury due to whiplash from the landing.

    The Island is very beautiful and steep terrain. The North of the island was prone to rain, food excellent and fresh.

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