Mois : février 2020

Beauty of Russian far east: KAMTCHATKA

Beauty of Art and Images for you The beauty of the images of nature Beauty of Russian far east KAMTCHATKA   Author: Natalia_Kollegova . Source : pixabay Author: photoknipser . Source : flickr Glacier, inside Mutnovsky-Caldera The Mutnovsky is part of the volcanic belt of southern Kamchatka, which encloses […]

Do you know this place in Europe ?

Beauty of Art and Images for you Do you know this place in Europe ? (The answer at the bottom of the article) Author: Globetrotting philo . Source : fr.wikipedia Author : Olivier Godineau . Source : flickr Author :Aitor Salaberria . Source : flickr Author :karlnorling . Source : flickr […]

Bern Museum: Zentrum Paul Klee

Beauty of Art and pictures for you Zentrum Paul Klee (Center), Bern – Switzerland  Author: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra  . Source : flickr On the outskirts of Bern, the Swiss federal city, was inaugurated in 2005 an emblematic museum in glass and steel, in the shape of a wave: the […]

Beautiful urban night images: ROME

Beauty of art and images for you Beautiful urban night images ROME AT NIGHT Author: Emilio García . Source : ar.wikipedia Author: Maria Eklind . Source : flickr Author: Riccardo Cuppini . Source : flickr Author : tpsdave  . Source : pixabay Author: Tiselena. Source : pixabay Author: Tim Milkins. Source […]