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The most beautiful pharaonic Egyptian sculptures


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Goddess Sekhmet during the reign of Amenhotep III (1391-1353 BC).Granite statue used by Chechong I (943-922 BC).Site of the Mout temple in Karnak (Louvre museum collection)


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Statue of Menkaura (Mycerinos) and Queen Khamerernebty II. (Chamerernebti II.). From the Giza Valley Temple of Menkaura, made during his reign (circa 2548-2530 B.C.) Graywacke.

(Now residing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Museum Expedition 11.1738)


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Statue of Ramses II (Third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty, was crowned in 1279 BC) Temple of Amon, Luxor, Egypt


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Toutankhamon (Eleventh Pharaoh of the XVIIIth Dynasty, born about 1345 BC, died about 1327 BC)

Gold Death Mask


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Statue of Ramses II as a child and the god Hwrwn (god of Canaan). A rare category of statuary, as the three hieroglyphs form a « rebus » of Ramesses II’s name: Ra-mes-su.


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Xviii dinastia, tuia, mother of ramses II from statue of teie, wife of amenhotep III, 1391-1224 BC


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Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, located in Aswan (extreme south of Egypt) ancient border with the kingdom of Nubia


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Osiris, Isis and Horus: pendant bearing the name of King Osorkon II

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  2. Hello! Which museum is child Rameses at? Cairo? Love these works of art seen most en situ but that one escaped me!

  3. Auch ich habe schon eine Nilkreuzfahrt von Luxor bis nach Assuan gemacht, mit allen Sehenswürdigkeiten entlang des Nils.
    Ein einmaliges Erlebnis !

    G. l. G. Jochen

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