Beautiful images of the Rocky Mountains (Canada)

Storelk MountainAuthor: JD Hascup . Source : flickr

Peter Lougheed Park, Alberta. Kananaskis country

Saskatchewan_Glacier_Alberta_CanadaAuthor: Gary . Source : commons.wikimedia

Saskatchewan Glacier

29301574382_476df6cd1a_kAuthor: Stefan Jürgensen. Source : flickr

Banff National Park, Alberta

7138498325_e975526dc0_kAuthor: Abspires40 . Source : flickr

24105578467_523fc696c4_kAuthor: Doug Zwick. Source : flickr

British Columbia

37351822500_a402bbf78f_kAuthor: Sheila Sund . Source : flickr

Columbia-Shuswap, British Columbia

8168748243_9cfd0b744e_kAuthor: Bernard Spragg. NZ. Source : flickr

Banff, Alberta

23856798441_c8f1da271a_kAuthor: Doug Zwick. Source : flickr

Sunshine Village, Alberta

landscape-nature-mountain-snow-sky-adventure-1000346-pxhere.comSource : pxhere

British Columbia

29371782736_a701008140_kAuthor:Victor. Source : flickr


Title photo: Alberta, Canada.  Author: Ananth BS  . Source : flickr

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  1. I get to live here and I’ve been to all these places and they really are that dramatic stark and beautiful.

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