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The most beautiful river in the world

Art and beauty images, for you

The most beautiful river in the world:

Caño Cristales

15618220874_0b054a4ec5_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Beautiful sector of waterfalls called by the locals « Los Pianos » in Caño Cristales.

Caño Cristales (« Crystal Creek ») is a river in Colombia, a tributary of the Rio Guayabero, located in the Macarena Mountain Range (Meta Department) in Colombia.                                                          [Wikipedia]

14566899344_dfba0bb75e_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

16053099528_56b4061429_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Image captured from the air in the sector « Los Ochos » on the famous river Caño Cristales, where it is possible to see clearly giant pots, rock formations in the shape of a circle.

15620763873_b3567cd612_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Beautiful trees protect the river Caño Cristales, from very robust to small

16053129668_1afe4d5f78_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Cascade, of unrivaled beauty, due to macarenia claviger and giant pots

Caño Cristales is commonly known as the « five-colored river » or « the most beautiful river in the world ». It owes this nickname to the plants (they are not algae) endemic called Macarenia clavigera of the family Podostemaceae which, from September to November, give it a green, red and yellow coloring.                                                                                                                                               [Wikipedia]

16053253250_1415f2628d_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world, offers an unparalleled spectacle of colored textures in its bed, product of the unique Macarenia Clavigera plant

16054803387_24382074bd_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

Normally the river Caño Cristales is covered with red, because the aquatic plant blooms and the Sun produces this color that sometimes turns orange or purple. When the Sun does not reach the plant, Macarenia Clavigera is green.

14565210921_00815ae0a6_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:

14565215141_ef5438e30c_hAuthor: Fotur Colombia. Source:


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