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The small town dominated by the arts:
San Miguel de Allende – Mexico

San-miguel-de-allende-Guanajuato-a-proximiteSource : iha

San_Miguel_de_Allende_skyAuthor: jiuguangw . Source : es.m.wikipedia

San Miguel de Allende is a city in central Mexico (Its population 70,000 inhabitants), in the state of Guanajuato. In 2008, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2018 it was placed at the top of the fifteen best cities to visit in the world.

2245854113_466def99d4_kAuthor: Lucy Nieto . Source : flickr

6068640557_dc68203a42_bAuthor: Guanajuato México . Source : flickr

40069183755_e260677b69_bAuthor: Cat . Source : flickr

17108128289_22aa2d341b_cAuthor: JosEnrique . Source : flickr

24548659610_5dfaa4830f_bAuthor: Alejandro . Source : flickr

44738064590_d170be66e7_kAuthor: Carl Campbell . Source : flickr

32798094486_fb7e1c819e_kAuthor: Ted McGrath . Source : flickr

Title photo:  Author: cezzie901 . Source : flickr

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