Bern Museum: Zentrum Paul Klee

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Zentrum Paul Klee (Center),

Bern – Switzerland 

28648115807_bc42b7c219_kAuthor: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra  . Source : flickr

On the outskirts of Bern, the Swiss federal city, was inaugurated in 2005 an emblematic museum in glass and steel, in the shape of a wave: the Zentrum Paul Klee. It is the work of the Italian architect Renzo Piano.
The museum embraces the most important collection in the world of Paul Klee, the Swiss painter of German origin, born on December 18, 1879, and died June 29, 1940.
The museum is also a center for a range of activities, with a relaxation area, and beautiful rooms that can accommodate various events.

800px-Zentrum_Paul_Klee_Bern_11Author: Norbert Aepli . Source : commons.wikimedia

42722837625_cb449f57a3_kAuthor: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra  . Source : flickr

Schoolchildren-in-Zentrum-Paul-KleeAuthor: Kotivalo . Source : commons.wikimedia

29738477978_4b84f7e429_kAuthor: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra  . Source : flickr

29749753068_0128b54ff6_kAuthor: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra  . Source : flickr


 Source photo : fr.m.wikipedia

“In the houses of St. Germain”, Paul Klee (1914)Zentrum Paul Klee


27138221180_d0c53d129c_kAuthor photo: Kotomi_ . Source : flickr

“ships in the storm”, Paul Klee (1919)Zentrum Paul Klee

26806805363_5202bad007_kAuthor photo: Kotomi_ . Source : flickr

“before the snow”, Paul Klee (1929)Zentrum Paul Klee


27315821052_e3c8c15b50_kAuthor photo: Kotomi_ . Source : flickr

“in fasten Grenzen”, Paul Klee (1935)Zentrum Paul Klee





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