Traditional Suzhou Gardens – China

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Traditional Suzhou Gardens – China


Master_of_the_Nets_Garden_网师园_Main_Pond_photo_by_Christian_GänshirtAuthor: Christian Gänshirt . Source : fr.m.wikipedia

The 9 traditional gardens of Suzhou (Garden of the Naive Politics, the Garden of the Center, the Garden of the Lion Forest, The Garden of the Master of the Nets, …) are among the most beautiful gardens in China. Built from the 11th to the 19th century, they give a miniature and refined representation of the beauty of nature, in the harmonious alliance of water, stone and plants.

800px-LiuyuanAuthor: 张骐. Source : ar.m.wikipedia

bridge-3616616_1920Author : MemoryCatcher . Source : pixabay

7343326804_620751144f_kAuthor :Jun Wang. Source : flickr


2344527456_744d6c62ff_bAuthor : Rux . Source : flickr

6433505941_e5eb6a96f2_cAuthor :lwtt93 . Source : flickr

6901013080_245eb7a1ce_kAuthor :Evgenii. Source : flickr

29308597171_2532d45170_kAuthor :Vera Izrailit. Source : flickr

28763865554_402d8ab4d9_kAuthor :Vera Izrailit. Source : flickr

Title photo:   Author: Dolf van der Haven  . Source : flickr

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