Do you know this place in Europe ?

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Do you know this place in Europe ?

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MLJET_CROATIEAuthor: Globetrotting philo . Source : fr.wikipedia

1355787139_69d5fca5e7_kAuthor : Olivier Godineau . Source : flickr

3530887863_8694ef21a0_hAuthor :Aitor Salaberria . Source : flickr

3696291316_ba5c960df5_kAuthor :karlnorling . Source : flickr

240707482_4823fb3756_kAuthor : Jason Rogers. Source : flickr

25082980860_90fa4ffbb8_kAuthor : Yacht Rent. Source : flickr

467025241_d756a14d8f_cAuthor : ivana. Source : flickr

3885498326_1faaa937e4_kAuthor : s8. Source : flickr

28221040577_cdb1f94003_kAuthor :Amateur with a Camera. Source : flickr

Title photo: Author :Mitja Mavsar. Source : flickr

The answer :


Mljet is an island in the Adriatic Sea; It is the most forested of the Croatian islands. It is an island with a magnificent natural setting, with a very indented coastline. Area 100 km2. Its population 1,100 hab.

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