Beauty of Russian far east: KAMTCHATKA

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Beauty of Russian far east



volcano-2774612_1920Author: Natalia_Kollegova . Source : pixabay

2094172110_48058f47a5_bAuthor: photoknipser . Source : flickr

Glacier, inside Mutnovsky-Caldera

The Mutnovsky is part of the volcanic belt of southern Kamchatka, which encloses several volcanoes. The complex morphology of Mutnovsky translates a long eruptive history. From afar, it appears as an enormous impenetrable natural fortress which bars the horizon.

kamchatka-4010535_1920Author: Kamchadal . Source : pixabay

25022593335_05b0bb7266_kAuthor: kuhnmi . Source : flickr


Petropavlovsk, located 6,779 km east of Moscow, is the capital of Kamchatka Krai. Its population is 180,000. The city is overlooked by Koriakski and Avatchinski volcanoes. The economic activity of this city is largely based on the fishing industry.

15283863636_40391a7311_cAuthor:Impressions around the globe . Source : flickr

24464967305_39d5f256c8_kAuthor:kuhnmi. Source : flickr

Monument “Здесь начинается Россия” (Russia begins here), Yelizovo, Kamchatka

the-pacific-ocean-3174447_1920Author: Natalia_Kollegova . Source : pixabay

4303555952_58db20c4b9_kAuthor: Petr Meissner. Source : flickr

Author:Einar Fredriksen. Source : flickr

Title photo:  Author: Natalia_Kollegova . Source : pixabay

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