Do you know this place in Asia ?

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Do you know this place in Asia  ?

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800px-Phou_si_Luang_Prabang_Laos_プーシーの丘_ラオス・ルアンプラバーン_DSCF6777Author :松岡明芳  . Source : commons.wikimedia

luang-prabang-142286_960_720Author: 41330 . Source : pixabay

lanchang-tourism-luang-prabang-building-loei-buddha-1577789-pxhere.comAuthor: icon0com  . Source : pxhere

33305783401_2c71708635_kAuthor: Yoshitaka Ando . Source : flickr

luang-prabang-142237_1920Author: 41330 . Source : pixabay

4334728918_57af62d548_kAuthor: Mark Lehmkuhler . Source : flickr

night-2345366_960_720Author: sharonang. Source : pixabay

8094416505_b1d4d3d498_kAuthor: jayarc . Source : flickr

Title photo:        Author : Mark Lehmkuhler. Source : flickr

The answer :

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a city in the north of Laos, the current capital of the province of Luang Prabang. It is a river port located on the Mekong. Its population 54,000 inhab.

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