The gardens of Giverny – France

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The gardens of Giverny,

Normandy – France

Claude Monet’s gardens

35952952341_fa75d5d6a4_kAuthor: CpaKmoi . Source : flickr

20664684669_6bf33affcf_kAuthor: Andy Hay. Source : flickr

4988745007_7f01d57e46_kAuthor:Chris Bertram. Source : flickr

24667708155_6faf42642f_hAuthor: Anders Rosqvist. Source : flickr

Jardins_de_Monet_-_Giverny,_FrançaAuthor: Júlia Barbon . Source : commons.wikimedia

168415384_5e96cfae37_kAuthor: nikoretro . Source : flickr

4783631181_11fe1fc613_zAuthor: Elena Usacheva photography. Source : flickr

26283045354_cd24215375_kAuthor: FluffyCreature. Source : flickr

Title photo:  Author: Popolon . Source : commons.wikimedia

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