The natural charm of the Magdalena department – Colombia

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The natural charm of the Magdalena department – Colombia

16386783915_d2b1b94f80_kAuthor:Alexander Schimmeck . Source : flickr

38318513106_83381d60d8_kAuthor: Bertahan Luxing . Source : flickr

Magdalena is one of the 32 departments of Colombia.
  It is located on the right bank of the Rio Magdalena valley in the north of the country, with a coastline on the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains to the north.
Its population 1,200,000 inhabitants.
Its capital is Santa Marta (516,000 inhabitants)

2184070303_3c276efdd3_hAuthor: Víctor Hugo Hernández D.. Source : flickr

3201333140_c615948ba3_hAuthor: Ben Bowes . Source : flickr

800px-Cabo_San_Juan,_ColombiaAuthor: OpenAperture . Source : ar.m.wikipedia

3200487683_046e6fd9f5_hAuthor: Ben Bowes . Source : flickr

Santa MartaAuthor:Julieth Gómez Durán. Source : ar.wikipedia

16194281768_155a8e5407_kAuthor:Alexander Schimmeck . Source : flickr

16194132420_c6c23e2a88_kAuthor:Alexander Schimmeck . Source : flickr

Title photo : Author: Nicolas . Source : flickr

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