A country not affected by covid-19: MONTENEGRO

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A country not affected by covid-19



800px-20090719_Crkva_Gospa_od_Zdravlja_Kotor_Bay_MontenegroUser:Ggia . Source : commons.wikimedia

Bay of Kotor

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea.
Its area: 13,812 km2
Its population: 610,000 inhabitants
Its capital: Podgorica (170,000 inhabitants).

montenegro-landscapeAuthor: Svetlana Tikhonova . Source : publicdomainpictures

budva-bayAuthor: Plak Jacek . Source : publicdomainpictures


montenegro-4404726_1920Author: osoian-marcel . Source : pixabay

Sveti Stefan

29859008656_5c9aa8eced_kAuthor: Roberto Maldeno . Source : flickr


800px-Podgorica_lok_VcAuthor: Bratislav . Source : commons.wikimedia

Podgorica, Blok V

29267719433_39bcfe2448_kAuthor: Roberto Maldeno. Source : flickr


to-4627352_1920Author: pixelRaw. Source : pixabay

Mouths of kotor

Title photo:  Author: Chensiyuan  . Source : commons.wikimedia


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