COVID-19 in Canada: Regions with zero contamination

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COVID-19 in Canada:

Regions with zero contamination

( March 19, 2020)


Area: 482 443 km2
Population: 39 000 hab.

Yukon_River_at_Whitehorse_-bAuthor: Gareth Sloan . Source : zh.m.wikipedia

Whitehorse on the Yukon river

7214684574_63e44bfebf_kAuthor: Ralf Kayser  . Source : flickr

2-North-Western Territory

Area: 1 346 000 km2
Population: 44 826 hab.

4999613834_88aacdd0d5_bAuthor: Viaje a Canada . Source : flickr

799px-Downtown_Yellowknife_2_second_versionUser:Trevor MacInnis . Source : commons.wikimedi

Downtown Yellowknife, NWT


Area: 2 093 190 km2
Population: 36 000 hab.


Iqaluit from Joamie Hill , Nanuvut

Ice covered fjord on Baffin Island with Davis Strait in the back.

Source (2 photos) :

Regions with a single case of contamination:

1-Prince Edward Island



5,660 km2

143,000 hab.





Author: Ellen Macdonald  . Source : flickr

2-Newfoundland and Labrador




405,720 km2

520 000 hab.






Title photo: indian summer in Canada Yukon ( Author: Ralf Kayser  . Source : flickr)

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