My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation: « Corona- red in spring »

My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation

« Corona- red in spring »



« Corona- red in spring » is an artistic creation born of a deep imagination, in these exceptional conditions of our planet.
  I imagined several contradictory and complementary levels, of a complicated surreal structure, where the red « epidemic » threatens the beautiful natural, homogeneous and living system.
If the foreground (which represents the near present, in full spring) is very threatened, the background of the image (which represents the future) is almost clear and hopeful, with the rays of the sun.
Since this creation causes emotions in people who live the confinement of 2020, I hope that the spectators will feel, too, a pleasure and a happiness in front of my creation……………….more

112k_ Salon 1


« Corona- red in spring« 




lyrical abstract



Taille : 5 000px x 3 409px (3.26 MB)


23 March 2020

112K_d 2



« Corona- red in spring »

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2 réflexions au sujet de « My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation: « Corona- red in spring » »

  1. Hello dear Christine ⚘.
    with your intelligence, your experiences and your lively feelings, you managed to read my message which I inspired from the philosophy of the history of humanity.
    With a few thousand deaths, a new world was born in the spring of 2020.

    kiss my beautiful friend 💜


  2. Ahmed, it looks as if the Corona-red patch is being burned off. Sort of like burning brush fields in the spring to make way for new growth. That was way back in kid hood, 1940s in Maine. This is a powerful message painting. 📚 Christine


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