Do you know this city ?

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Do you know this city ?

(capital of a country of 86 cases and 0 deaths, from COVID-19 on March 26, 2020)

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800px-Minsk._A_view_of_Svislach_riverAuthor:Vadim Sazanovich . Source: commons.wikimedia

Minsk_031_20070803_0170Author:Artem Svetlov . Source: ty.wikipedia

27722379570_3a61553a77_kAuthor: [Jim]  . Source: flickr

minsk8Source: wcanifly

32676806_bef9c8486f_kAuthor:LHOON . Source: flickr

minsk2Source: wcanifly

minsk-2677101_1920Author: jackal007 . Source: pixabay

800px-Belarus-Minsk-940_Anniversary_near_Minsk-Hero-City_Monument-25Author:Hanna Zelenko . Source: commons.wikimedia


Title photo:  Author: [Jim]  . Source: flickr

The answer:


the administrative and economic capital of the Republic of Belarus, in eastern Europe. It is 1,828 km northeast of Paris. Misk is over 11 centuries old, its population 1 million.

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