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Do you know this place ?

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Dubrovnik, is a city and municipality of Croatia, capital of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. It was once the capital of a maritime republic known as the Republic of Ragusa. Its motto is: “Freedom does not sell even for all the gold in the world”

The municipality had (in 2001) 43,770 inhabitants, the city alone had 30,436 inhabitants.

Seaside Villa in Dubrovnik

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Coastal Cityscape and Landscape in Dubrovnik

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Ragusa is founded during the first half of the seventh century. From its foundation, the city is placed under the protection of Byzantium. It knows how to take advantage of its coastal position to develop a lucrative maritime trade.
After the fourth crusade, it passed under the rule of Venice, until 1358. In 1416, it was the first European state to abolish slavery and, therefore, to ban the slave trade. In 1442 she signed a treaty with the Ottomans; this treaty authorizes the merchants of Ragusa to trade in the Balkans, for the payment of a fee. In 1806, Ragusa is besieged during a long month by the Russian and Montenegrin fleets, the armed forces of the French Empire led by Napoleon puts a term at the siege and saves Ragusa in 1806.


The old port of Dubrovnik east of the city. The fortress of Saint John at the entrance of the old port. St. Blasius Church – Lower Right Front. Dubrovnik Cathedral and dome in the center on the right.

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Franjo Tuđman Bridge, at the western approach to Dubrovnik and next to the Port of Gruž


the Dalmatian coast a few miles north of Dubrovnik: lots of rocky coves reaching up to mountains steeply descending to the clear sea.


Most of the fishponds in Dubrovnik gardens are connected by channels to the Adriatic and have salt water as fresh water is often in short supply here. At Trsteno (an administrative division of Dubrovnik), the aqueduct brings down fresh water.Such fishponds were not only aesthetic but served as fish hatcheries and as microclimates to help cool the hot Dalmatian summer.


It was Tito’s second house; today, it is rented 7 000 euros per night.

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After the dominions of Italy, Austria, Kingdom of the Serbs, Kingdom of the Croats, Kingdom of the Slovenes, and Yugoslavia. The city becomes (in 1991-92) space of the attacks of the Serbo-Montenegrins, before the Croatian independence.


Houses on the Dubrovnik Hills


Walls of Dubrovnik Bar


Old City Dubrovnik, Main Street


Great Wall of Dubrovnik


Pool View Dubrovnik

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