COVID 19: Deconfinement in 4 European countries

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Deconfinement in 4 European countries

( April 12, 2020)

4 Confinements(Download and free use of this image, without modification and without commercial purpose)


Beginning containment: 13 March
peak of epidemic: 27 March
Deconfinement from: 14 April

kufstein-1726648_1280Author: krsi  . Source: needpix



Beginning containment: 11 March
peak of epidemic: 03 April
Deconfinement from: 15 April

4817790226_beae4c0e93_kAuthor: Alex Berger. Source: flickr

statue-4873099_1920Author: enriquelopezgarre. Source: pixabay


Beginning containment: 12 March
peak of epidemic: 27 March
Deconfinement from: 20 April

grass-mountain-lake-river-valley-mountain-range-690596-pxhere.comSource: pxhere

35507621844_64ef3dc93e_kAuthor: Andrew Milligan sumo. Source: flackr


Beginning containment: 23 March
peak of epidemic: 02 April
Deconfinement from: Mid May

37760114484_8197379d08_kAuthor:Pedro Szekely. Source: flackr


Title photo: Mountains, austria  (Source:



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2 réflexions sur “COVID 19: Deconfinement in 4 European countries

  1. As long as there is no vaccine, or at least an effective treatment, it is frightening to think of returning to a normal life, as before, with the same carelessness.
    It reminds me of AIDS, suddenly the carelessness of before has disappeared and has not returned, we still use protection. Now, it is as if all your colleagues become your partners.

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