Do you know this country ?

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Do you know this country ?

(A country of 5,003,400 inhabitants; 686 cases and 6 deaths from COVID-19, until April 24, 2020)

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costa-rica-977048_1920Author:  davebaur . Source: pixabay

7524831252_56783d02c6_kAuthor: David Ingram. Source: flickr

8479233134_59b0f15f95_kAuthor:  Carles Company Soler  . Source: flickr

800px-Manuel-antonio-quepos-costa-rica-third-beachUser:Tarrazu . Source: commons.wikimedia

23270432309_235f274dd9_kAuthor: August Fische. Source: flickr



collard-araceri-1021051_1920Author:  FINTANOBRIEN . Source: pixabay

happy-2723487_1920Author: prohispano. Source: pixabay

Title photo:  Beach and Sea   ( Source:

The answer:

Costa Rica in Central America


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