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India courageously leads the Great War against the epidemic

महामारी के खिलाफ भारत महान युद्ध का साहस करता है

( April 25, 2020)

Total Cases: 26,283
Last day cases: +1.836
Total deaths: 825
Total population: 1,352,642,000 inhabitants


1- Maharashtra: 6817 cases


मुंबई  Mumbai

2- Gujarat: 2815 cases

3298138698_a6eb0ee2e0_kAuthor: Cleavers . Source: flickr

The bride’s female family members, in Baroda  बड़ौदा

3- Delhi: 2514 cases

49281282726_acb219dfa0_kAuthor:Ninara. Source: flickr

Lotus Temple and garden

4- Rajasthan2034 cases


जोधपुर  Jodhpur

32- Mizoram: 1 case

Champhai,_Mizoram,_from_south,_with_Zotlang_in_the_foregroundAuthor: Bogman . Source: fr.wikimedia

Champhai Valley  चम्फाई

33- Arunachal Pradesh: 1 case

2193857460_e3d6c8f9a9_kAuthor: Rita Willaert. Source: flickr

Daporijo   दपोरिजो

34- Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu: 0 case

Vanganga_Lake,_Dadra_-_panoramio_(1)Author: Raman Patel . Source: commons.wikimedia

Vanganga Lake, Dadra   दादरा

35- Lakshadweep (Archipelago) : 0 case

4421302557_8350e34ea7_kAuthor: Sankara Subramanian. Source: flickr

Kavaratti Beach   

36- Sikkim: 0 case

158276233_72229a7930_kAuthor: Andries3. Source: flickr

सिक्किम  Sikkim

Title photo:   Udaipur, Rajasthan   ( Source: )


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