Do you know this beautiful island?

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Do you know this beautiful island ?

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800px-Norfolk-Island-PinesSource: mg.wikipedia

norfolk-island-2446296_1920Author: pen_ash . Source: pixabay

23363442484_3ab8123569_kAuthor: denisbin. Source: flickr

Sans titre 1Author: bertknot. Source: flickr


23883497542_5b958d90bc_kAuthor: denisbin. Source: flickr

215884277_631666a95a_kAuthor: thinboyfatter. Source: flickr

37112944844_53940cc466_kAuthor: Brian. Source:flickr

Title photo:  (Author: thinboyfatter. Source: flickr)


Norfolk Island

An island located in the Pacific Ocean 1,412 kilometers directly east of the Australian mainland. Together with Phillip Island and Nepean Island, the three islands collectively form the territory of Norfolk Island, one of the outer territories of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In 2016, it had 1,748 inhabitants over a total area of 35 km2                  (Wikipidia)

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