COVID 19: Country classes, by number of deaths

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Country classes, by number of deaths

( May 02, 2020)

Covid19_Deaths(Download and free use of this image, without modification and without commercial purpose)

1- First group:

Total deaths: 173,185
Average of deaths by country: 34,637
The countries: USA, Spain, Italy, UK, France.

New Jersey – USA


Strasbourg – France

2- Second group:

Total deaths: 43,607
Average of deaths by country: 5,450
The countries: Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Iran, Netherlands, China, Canada, Turkey.
Author: Antonio Ponte . Source: flickr
Brussels – Belgium
Author:The Academy of Urbanism. Source: flickr

Rotterdam – Netherlands

3-  Third group:

Total deaths: 13,650
Average of deaths by country: 1,517
The countries: Sweden, Mexico, Swizerland, Ecuador, Ireland, India, Russia, Peru, Portugal.
Popocatepetl volcano – Mexico
wicklow – Ireland

4-Fourth group:

Total deaths: 12,592
Average of deaths by country: 72
The countries: Rest of the world
author: Michel Gagnon  . Source: fr.m.wikipedia

Atlas mountains – Morocco

800px-Yerevan_2012_FebruaryAuthor: Սէրուժ Ուրիշեան  . Source: commons.wikimedia

Yerevan – Armenia

Title photo:  Haa Valley, Bhutan (User:  Greenmnm69  . Source: commons.wikimedia )

118K_d 2


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