A great painter, little known: JULIUS SCHMID


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 A great painter, little known:


45689885985_c33892b27c_hAuthor:Włodek Głażewski. Source: flickr

Beethoven’s walk in nature – Schmid Julius

Julius Schmid (born February 3, 1854 in Vienna) was an Austrian painter and designer. The merchant’s son studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1871 to 1878 and received the Prix de Rome in 1878.

In 1899 he received a small gold medal at the major art exhibition in Berlin. From 1907 to 1925, he was a full professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1900, he received the bronze medal from the Universal Exhibition in Paris for his portrait of Ebner-Eschenbach. His most famous work is the Schubertiade. In 1929 he received the Ring of Honor from the city of Vienna for his services to Austria and in particular to his hometown of Vienna. He was the father of Rostock gynecologist Hans Hermann Schmid.

Schmid died in Mödling on February 1, 1935, where he is also buried in an honor grave in the city.

Translated from:de.wikipedia

800px-Julius_Schmid_SchubertiadeUser: Austriacus . Source: commons.wikimedia

Schubertiade (1897)Schmid Julius

725px-Julius_Schmid_-_Stefanie_Fürth_-_5802_-_User: BotMultichillT . Source: commons.wikimedia

Stefanie Fürth (1900) – Schmid Julius

Julius_Schmid_-_Wood_nymphs_in_the_moonlightUser: Austriacus . Source: commons.wikimedia

Wood nymphs in the moonlight – Schmid Julius

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  1. I must admit I didn’t know this painter. It is interesting to see how his very classical technique was not affected by the development of Impressionism at the same time. Thank you for this introduction.

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