COVID 19: Spain is well past the peak of the epidemic, it begins deconfinement

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España ya ha pasado el pico de la epidemia, comienza el descontaminación

( May 04, 2020)

2e1dc25231f97d58a6c5c07c5330e74c5e39948cNumber of new cases per day (Source: en.wikipedia)

f4e9fb4590de7ae6efa1b68bd444a313ab3f274bNumber of deaths per day (Source: en.wikipedia)


Rates of hospitalized cases in Spain according to the autonomous communities

1- Community of Madrid :

60.9 per 10,000 inh.


2- La Rioja:

46.1 per 10,000 inh.

800px-Entorno_de_Bilibio_-_La_Rioja_-_Author: Bigsus . Source: commons.wikimedia

3- Castile-La Mancha:

42.7 per 10,000 inh.

37310928474_acd2b4e731_kAuthor: santiago lopez-pastor. Source: flickr

15- Andalucia:

7.1 per 10,000 inh.




4.3 per 10,000 inh.

5528388893_90cef6c0c6_kAuthor: Keith Williamson. Source: flickr

17- Canary islands:

4.1 per 10,000 inh.


Tenerife Island

Title photo: Toledo (Source:

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