COVID 19: 6 World Records

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Six World Records

( May 07, 2020)

World record in number of cases recorded for 1 million population:

World record in number of deaths recorded for 1 million population:

San Marino (Europe)  18,331 total cases /1M pop

San Marino (Europe) 1208 total deaths /1Mpop


948524929_f46e7ce3d6_kAuthor: Jan Krömer. Source: flickr

World record in number of tests for 1 million population :

Iceland  (Europe) 151.4 tests /1Mpop


World record in total number of tests (to date):

World record in number of cases registered in 1 day:

United states of america  8,180,405 tests

United states of america 36,137 ( April 24)



Three_sisters2Author: Lyn Topinka  . Source: commons.wikimedia

The Three Sisters volcanoes in Oregon

World record in lowest rate of recorded deaths compared to recorded cases:

Singapore  (Asia)  20 deaths/ 20,939 cases

29213014547_9463bffebb_k Author: Fabio Achilli. Source: flickr

Title photo:   San Marino ( Author: Andrey Angelov. Source: flickr )

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