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Do you know the city where these Works are located ?

(Answer at the bottom of the article)

44682631974_0db556e5c1_kAuthor: Ted McGrath. Source: flickr

dsc_1923Author: Robin Stevens . Source:


7822538918_dc5c2ba2ef_kAuthor: Guilhem Vellut. Source: flickr


20369300523_89e2b64677_kAuthor:Roland Tanglao. Source: flickr

450px-Vancouver_Sorel_EtrogAuthor:Dave. Source: it.wikipedia

Vancouver,_WA_-_Esther_Short_Park_-_The_Pioneer_Mother_01Author: Joe Mabel. Source: commons.wikipedia

The answer:

VANCOUVER – British Columbia – western Canada

Source of title photo:

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2 Comments on “Do you know the city where these Works are located ?

  1. I knew beforehand that A-maze-ing Laughter is the most famous sculpture in Vancouver, that’s why I didn’t present it in my article. :))

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