COVID 19: The Channel Islands beat the epidemic

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The Channel Islands beat the epidemic

( May 26, 2020)

Channel Islands

Located between two large epicenters of covid-19 (France and England) The Channel Islands, with almost 170,500 inhabitants, manage to limit its damage, and to raze the virus of all its islets, in only 25 days (between 1 and 25 May 2020)
Today, New cases: zero; New deaths: zero; Actifs case: zero
Total cases recorded: 559; Total deaths: 45.*

44394163_c0ec2f3125_kAuthor: Phillip Capper. Source: flickr

Sark island



Saint Helier city – Jersey island


Fermain bay – guernsey island

10893005615_975b3cdb8d_kAuthor: Neil Howard. Source: flickr

Longis Bay  on Alderney island


 Jersey island

jersey-1707240_1920Author: falco   . Source: pixabay

*Source of statistics:

Title photo:   Gorey Panorama – Jersey island (Author: Mike Beales . Source: flickr )


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