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COVID – 19

Most French overseas islands have won the war against coronavirus

(June 07, 2020)

Overseas France includes the territories of the French Republic distant from mainland France located on the European continent.
The majority of these territories are islands located in all the oceans of the world and in a few seas.

1- New Caledonia ( South Pacific Ocean):

Total registered cases:  20
Total registered deaths: 0

8659569258_33f4f553cd_kAuthor:  gérard . Source: flickr

2- French Polynesia ( South Pacific Ocean):

Total registered cases:   60
Total registered deaths:  0

bora-bora-3023437_1920Author:  Julius_Silver  . Source:pixabay

Bora bora island

3- Guadeloupe (Caribbean Sea):

Total registered cases:     164
Total registered deaths:    14

4075391673_db85f11401_kAuthor: Daniel Jolivet . Source: flickr

4- Martinique (Caribbean Sea):

Total registered cases:    202
Total registered deaths:   14

martinique-4884459_1920Author: falco   . Source: pixabay

5- Reunion (Indian Ocean):

Total registered cases:  480
Total registered deaths:    1

reunion-1779297_1920Author:  Schland  . Source: pixabay

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Title photo:  french polynesia  (  source: )

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