Notice to all my friends from the USA

My friends from the USA

On July 4, 2020, the United States will have its national holiday: IDEPENDENCE DAY.
On this occasion, I wish you a beautiful and happy holiday.
I have prepared several illustrations for this occasion, at the request of the image sites.
But for you, my friends, I specially prepared a beautiful illustration, I hope you will like it.
Do you need this illustration for your blog, messages or publications? I send you an original copy (very high quality = 6.41MB).
Just pay only $ 2 at the bottom of this article and send me an email (
[If you need a custom illustration, you send me your choices of changes in your message. And you will have your personalized illustration in less than 48 hours]

All rights reserved – 6.2020- ALOZADE Ahmed

USA_4th July

Beautiful artistic creation to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY of USA, it is ideal for your blog, your messages or your publications. Just pay $ 2, and email me with your name at ( You will have your original copy (very high quality = 6.41MB) in less than 24 hours. [If you need a personalized illustration, you specify, in your message, the changes you want to add to this illustration; You will have your personalized illustration in less than 48 hours.]


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